Got a Question?

Have a question about a relationship you are in? Want to move on from an abusive past?  What does the Bible say about depression?

Vanessa Cruz, LCPC answers a variety of LIFE questions from people like you.

Single Doesn’t Suck

I kind of hate that being single has such a negative connotation to it. Here are a just a few words that are synonymous with singleness: Waiting Lonely Temptation Dependency Anxious Impatient Desperate Whether it is a post on Instagram or a featured blog on Facebook,...

Who Need’s a Daddy Anyway?

At times I think on the greatest betrayal of my life… a familiar pain emerges.… sadness mixed with confusion mixed with questions mixed with… I’m often reminded of it when a woman is talking about a natural interaction with her Dad and I’m struck with the reality that...

Captain Save A Bro

Ever had a crush on someone before? Oh sure you have.  Have you ever analyzed what it is that has caused you to be so enamored by them?  Probably not. For the most part, we are attracted to their physical appearance, and then as we start to get to know them a bit...

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