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Live Rev is serious about providing you with a balanced approach toward healing and restoration. We believe that your road to healing should be full of encouragement, new ways of thinking, and living life with people on the same mission you are on. Three major components to our vision are one-on-one counseling, workshops, and being a part of a healthy, growing community.

Near Chicago?

If you would like to explore what we have to offer, Vanessa would like to arrange a “Meet and Greet” to get to know you, and discuss your road to healing.

Not in Chicago?

Ask Vanessa is a way to seek out guidance and direction on your matter.



Live Revolution has partnered with Chicago Christian Counseling Center  to provide you with affordable, yet professional christian counseling.  Counseling can be a difficult step to make, but is rewarding, fruitful and most importantly, healing.  Don’t let any negative statements you’ve heard about counseling keep you from moving forward…




Live Rev is passionate about reaching out to our communities and providing workshops that deal with tough issues hardly made public. Our workshops are tailored to focus on one issue at a time. Workshops will be given quarterly in the inner city of Chicago and are also available to watch online. To find out when our next workshop is, make sure to visit our events page and sign up!




Whether you live in the Chicagoland area, U.S., or abroad, you can B E L O N G  to a group of World Renegades that are serious about changing the world. We were created to heal in community, not in isolation. So, take courage and allow yourself to be accepted and loved.